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Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Kate on a Berkshire branding photography shoot. Kate is a business strategy and mindset coach for creative business owners. Her whole business is focused around helping creative people (just like me!) reconnect with their passion and live bigger, bolder lives. I immediately fell in love with her and her whole business as you can imagine!

Her passion for helping creatives like me get back to doing more of what they love (and away from the feeling that they should be staring at spreadsheets to be successful) is so huge, that I was keen to introduce her to you.

Here are some questions I asked her:

How have you got to this point in your business?

I have come to coaching via law, event management, a cake business, the PTA, Eat Your Words, and transformation and change management. All of these strands have come together in what I do now, where I help people reconnect with their ‘why’ and then take practical steps to turn the ‘why’ into a ‘how’.

berkshire branding photography with coach

Who is your ideal client and how do you help them?

My mission is to help Sam (the random name I’ve given frustrated creatives in my mind!) to live the big, bold, brave life they love, when they currently feel anything but. The business they love is slowly driving them mad – not enough money, not enough time, they feels lost and stuck and like it is all their fault – they must be the only one failing at this.

We do some transformative mindset work on the fears that are holding them back – money worries, ‘comparisonitis’, imposter syndrome, fear of success/failure.

I then look at their current business, and work out practical strategies to build a business that feels like them, with systems to give them more time and headspace, and make work more efficient and profitable.

berkshire branding photographer sessions

What are your core values?

Honesty, integrity, creativity, self-belief, simplicity, community, kindness, collaboration, fun, and love.

How do you want people to feel when they come into contact with your business?

Happy, inspired, connected, understood, motivated, inspired, supported

branding photography shoot in berkshire

What is the best way for people to work with you?

Initially, book a free 30-minute call to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Where can you find Kate?

At her website or through her amazing free Facebook group stuffed with great value and amazing people.

You can also follow her on her Facebook page, Instagram or give her a ring on 07814 524950.

Definitely get in touch with Kate and have a chat!

What did Kate say about having her photos taken?

“I am a business and mindset coach and needed some branding photography to make me stand out in my marketing, and really make my message resonate with my clients. Tori ‘got’ me and my message really quickly, and gave me great advice on how to best steer my message through photographs. The branding shoot was great fun – which I wouldn’t have expected to say – I hate having my photo taken normally! Tori really put me at ease and I often forgot I was being photographed. The results are happy, relaxed ‘on message’ photos that I am proud and happy to have to ‘sell’ my business. I would not hesitate to recommend her!”

See it is true, it is possible to like having your photo taken after all 😉

If you’re after a Berkshire branding photography session or in need of some updated photos for your business elsewhere in the country drop me a line below.