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Lifestyle branding photography for entrepreneurs with big goals

Ever feel like you’re struggling to sell yourself authentically in an increasingly crowded online world? Feel overwhelmed with always having to create new ideas for your social media channels?

Having on brand imagery can help you stand out, find your ideal client and reduce this stress…

Unlock your business potential with kick-ass imagery

Save time - get busy working in your business, not on it

Get visible online, in the correct way - find your ideal clients

Peace of mind with a bank of perfectly on-brand images to pull from

Confidence to show up as your awesome self

Attract your ideal clients easily because they just get you


Looking for a quick refresh of your headshots for your website or social media? Let me create a natural photo that really represents who you are…

Branding sessions

Full galleries of images to cover all your business and social media photographic needs that are perfectly tailored to your brand.

Yearly branding

Tailored to your business to cover yearly launches, seasonal offerings or just to refresh your images frequently to make sure you’re always in fashion!

So here I can take the opportunity to say that I’ve been a professional photographer for over a decade and have photographed weddings, families and events professionally across that time. I can also tell you you all those random things that for some reason photographers love to share on their about me pages like; I have a degree in Japanese, I love Marmite, I have a small son (total handful) and a husband (also a bit of a handful!), I love to travel, I’ve visited North Korea, I usually eat leftovers for breakfast, I’m scared of butterflies, I hate bananas etc. But actually my main skills when it comes to your photos are right here:

  • Photography skills – 98%
  • Giving a shit about your business – 100%
  • Working my ass off for you on our shoot – 100%
  • Disappearing if you’re not happy – 0%

About Me

I’m Tori Deslauriers, a personal branding photographer, working with small business owners who have big goals. I take the stress out of photography for companies like yours by creating show stopping, on brand imagery that helps you sell yourself authentically in an increasingly crowded online world. It’s dog eat dog out there so you need to stand out.

I get it, I’m trying to do it all too. I have a young son, two business and a mental carousel that makes me crazy dizzy some days. I want to conquer the world in limited hours while not missing a minute of my home life. I don’t have time to mess around either! I understand the importance of showing up loud and proud for your business and then getting back to the business of enjoying non-business time.

I can help you make business time more effective, find awesome clients and turn business-brain off while enjoying home time.